How to Create a Successful Lead-Nurturing Campaign

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In my previous article in this series, What is Lead Nurturing?, I explained the what, why, where and when of Lead Nurturing. Now you need to know the how.

I will cover the details about the ”how-to” of lead nurturing and provide you with the actionable steps and even a few checklists and templates to get you started.

The hows of lead nurturing?

I have told you about setting your leads up in an automatic campaign and that you needed to make contact with them. But how? There are a few tips about timing and content that can get you started in the right direction.


It really is all about timing. You do not want to become a nuisance, and get sent to the spam folder, but you also do not want to let a lead become cold and wonder where you have gone.

  • Typically three to five emails to your prospects is an appropriate number.

○ In the professional services industry, the sales process is longer than what is found in traditional sales.

  • Space out your emails

○ Typically weekly or biweekly is effective.

  • One last follow up contact is recommended, approximately a month later.

Remember, with lead nurturing, patience is a virtue. It takes time for someone to make this type of decision and they do not want to be pressured or rushed. Choosing who to trust with their financial information is an important decision. Use this time to your advantage to prove why you are the right choice for them.