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Valentine’s Day is a huge commercial holiday for diamond companies and florists. It is great for financial advisors, too. You don’t have to be De Beers to get some clients out of this. Here are some ideas to get the love connection going on with some new prospects this February 14th.

Be a match maker on social media

Most affluent people would prefer a mate with equal or greater wealth. Just being real with you. Nobody wants to be the one paying for dinner all the time…

As a financial advisor, you have access to an affluent and successful population. Use this to your advantage and get on social media with a special offer to match single people with someone from your practice.

A less bold way of doing this would be to hold a Valentine’s Day mixer at your company where every client has to bring a single friend.

Way back when in my single days, before I met my partner Antonio and had three children with him, I would have loved it if I had a financial advisor who offered to match me up with an equally successful person.

By the way, this isn’t just for young people looking for a mate; this is great for recently divorced people who want to get back onto the “market.”

Host a Valentine’s Day Twitter party

Most financial advisors put a great deal of importance on treating the customers with the utmost attention, care and, well, love. Stand behind this and make it a bigger part of your brand by illustrating it on social media. Post pictures of your staff interacting with clients in caring ways. Ask your followers to post pictures of the same. Try creating a neat little hashtag to get a trend going such as #bemyfinancialvalentine.

Have a “romantic dinner” social media giveaway

Anyone who has been through Valentine’s Day knows that all the good restaurants are booked months in advance. Raffle off a table at a romantic restaurant. Use it to get attention by requiring that all contestants join your email newsletter list or follow you on social media.

Consult your legal department about the rules that apply to contests and giveaways as they tend to vary by state.