Do You Write Like a 7th Grader? (If not, you should)

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After helping more than 150 financial advisors write their marketing materials, I keep seeing a common mistake.

They write in “financialese.”

It’s a language not meant for humans. I’m not sure who it’s meant for – possibly another advisor? Maybe robots?

Either way, it’s easy to spot because it uses too many financial terms, big SAT words and long, complex sentences. The biggest problem is that no one reads it.

I saw the results firsthand.

Testing doesn't lie

Recently, I wrote online marketing and website copy for a large financial institution. I was brought on to rewrite much of the language on their website. I would literally translate the copy into human speak. My client had more than 10 million prospects and investors a month visiting the site. Page-by-page, we rewrote it and made the language less elevated.

Everything I wrote was tracked so we could gather data. In fact, we knew whether or not people read the copy by tracking clicks on the pages. We could even see if someone opened an account after viewing a page.

I found complicated financial speak does not do well. In fact, it fails miserably.