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Lately I’ve made leads appear out of thin air for myself and for my clients using this technique. I wouldn’t be writing this article if it didn’t work well. Read on to hear how you can get attention on the Internet for your brand even if you have no money and only a miniscule following.

Basics to get beyond

This is about online marketing. It’s not for everybody. I realize that puts me in the 1% of marketing professionals who do not belong to what I call the “eternally optimistic club” who are game to sell any marketing service to anyone just to get a paycheck. And then, when it doesn’t work, the marketing industry becomes tarnished as a profession, and the client gets nowhere.

Some populations are not going to be on the Internet as much as others. People age 60 and older are not your best candidates. They might be on Facebook, but use it sparingly.

Also, who are you trying to sell to, and what are you trying to sell? You need to know this about your service so that you can understand how people would find you and buy from you. Ask yourself this question. “If I were in the market for this service, would I find the product through a Google search? Or, would I read a blog or article about this service and then possibly contact the writer, instead?”

I’ll use an example from my life. If I were looking for childproofing ideas so that my kids wouldn’t get into my kitchen cabinets, then I would search on Google. If I were looking for new office space, then I would search on Google. Babysitting? Nanny? Doctor for my kids? Not so much.

It doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t read blogs about how nannies do things or blogs written by doctors about how to work with young children. If I read a few articles that I thought seemed intelligent, I might visit their website and join their mailing list. Or, maybe I’d even call them up. But that would be an indirect path. I wouldn’t source them directly through a Google search by searching for “daycare providers in NYC” or something like that.