Global Income, Technology and Other Opportunities for Capital Growth Investors

Here are the key takeaways from events and interviews for capital-growth investors during the past month. Focusing on strong companies with a competitive advantage offer opportunities, but it comes at a price.

How Global Income Funds Differ (Morningstar, September 26)

The global equity-income sector is comprised of starkly different types of funds, but they share one criterion: “Their portfolio dividend yield should be higher than the yield offered by the broader market.” Global dividend funds prefer companies with a strong and sustainable competitive advantage. “The focus on quality comes at a price, though, as both the traditional value-growth factor and the Morningstar fair-value factor point to relatively rich portfolio valuations.”

2017 Q4 Global Asset Allocation Views (ETF Trends, September 30)

J.P. Morgan’s Multi-Asset Solutions Strategy Summit had some key takeaways for capital-growth investors. Synchronized global growth, slowly rising interest rates and the slow pace of rate normalization are among the themes explored in this article.