Three Traps for Unwary Advisors

Dan Solin Photo Photo by Clark Young on Unsplash

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Advisors fall for one of three traps. Those traps share a common trait, which will become apparent.

Read on to see if this applies to you.

Trap #1: Lack of interactivity

An article in The New York Times observed that producers of children’s television shows understood the key to holding the attention of their audience. It’s “interactivity.” The article gave these examples: Dora the Explorer asks kids to repeat after her (“Swiper, no swiping!”). Mister Rogers broke the fourth wall to welcome them to his neighborhood. The hosts of “Romper Room” pretended to see them through a “magic mirror,” and read their names on the air.

Most of us think of television as a one-way media event, yet these savvy producers knew they had to involve their audience in order to make an impact.

Think about that the next time you speak to an audience or meet with a prospect. Rather than talking at them, converse with them.

When I get an inquiry from a prospect for my coaching services, my first response is this: “Tell me about yourself and your firm.” I want them to interact with me and not to listen passively while I discuss myself and my services.