Despite rising interest rates, income-oriented investors are continuing to find value in ETFs. Elsewhere in income-related news, U.S. investors brace for proposed tax cuts while across the globe the Chinese bond market is pushing for inclusion in the major indices.

Chinese Stocks Got Their Global Stamp of Approval, and Now Bonds May Be Next (CNBC, July 3)

MSCI Emerging Markets Index added 222 mainland Chinese stocks in its annual review in June. Last week China launched a “bond connect” program in an effort to include its bonds in the major indices and increase foreign access to its bond market. There may be some issues to resolve “if the yuan weakens or doesn’t strengthen much against the U.S. dollar, foreign investors may be less inclined to buy Chinese bonds.”

What Trump’s Tax Plan Means for Income Investments? (ETF Trends, June 19)

It remains unclear if a new tax plan will pass and when it would take effect, however, members of the administration outlined the “broad strokes of the proposed plan and called it the ‘biggest tax cut in history’.” The proposed lower personal and corporate taxes by the Trump plan “could be favorable to all taxable income-generating asset classes.”