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In every interaction between two people, each has an agenda. You have one and the person with whom you are speaking has one.

Recognizing this ”battle of agendas,” and knowing how to deal with it, is critical to converting prospects.

There are two agendas

Let’s use an initial meeting with a prospect as an example. Your agenda is clear. You want to convert the prospect into a client. For some of you, the analysis stops there and the trouble begins.

But what about the agenda of the prospect? Surely they have one. Often, you’re so preoccupied with your own agenda that you fail to recognize – much less elicit or understand – the agenda of the other person.

Even if you understand the prospect’s agenda, you may assume your agenda takes precedence. After all, the meeting is in your office. The prospect initiated the meeting so clearly there’s a compelling interest in what you have to say, right?

This thinking is a barrier to converting the prospect.