The Four Barriers to Adding New Clients

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Four barriers stand between you and growing your practice. Fortunately, all of them can be overcome. But, for some advisors, it won’t be easy.

Consider my recent experience with hiring some outside help.

I had just completed interviewing two commercial photographers. I want creative photographs taken of my Smartest series of books. Both photographers had impressive portfolios.

I had one non-negotiable requirement. I needed to own all the rights to the photographs.

This isn’t an unreasonable request. I don’t want to be constrained in how I use them (web page, blogs, social media etc.).

The first photographer immediately resisted with a series of hypotheticals like “What if the photos generate millions of dollars of revenue?” The second one said: “No problem.”

Which one do you think I hired?

The first photographer could not overcome his barriers. I will explain those barriers, but first I want to tell you about the process to overcome them.

The Solin Process

This is going to sound like bragging, but stay with me.

Based on extensive research, I have come up with a game-changing, unique process that will increase the conversion rate of advisors who use it.

The process is simple. I can explain it in one or two Skype sessions. The cost is modest. The results have been transformational. This testimonial is typical: “We just closed a case on the second meeting, with no presentation at all, just a conversation. We will keep doing what you have taught us and get better as we go.” You can see many others here (scroll down).

Why isn’t this process intuitive to advisors?

It’s you.