How to Instantly Engage a Prospect

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Prospects are far more likely to become clients if you quickly engage with them and understand their communication style. A recent training session I conducted for advisors illustrated a powerful tactic you can use in initial meetings with prospects.Dan Solin Photo

I started the session by asking each of them to stand up, introduce themselves, say something about themselves that the other participants might not know and reveal what they did on New Year’s Eve.

This simple exercise has many benefits. It reinforces the power of first impressions. It opens up a discussion about the effective use of gestures. When I hear what people did on New Year’s Eve, it gives me a good idea of whether they are introverts or extroverts (or in between, an “ambivert”), which tells me how I can most effectively communicate with them.

While these are all worthy and important goals, they are not the primary reason why I like this exercise. I like this exercise because it permits me to instantly engage everyone in the room.