Developing an Effective Advisor Training Program

Teresa Riccobuono

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In a previous article, I wrote about the hiring process. Now that you have found a qualified candidate, how do you get her integrated into the team?

As a financial professional, you are completely engrossed in running your practice. You didn’t get into this business to wear the human resource hat. Yet, assuming you are already a top-notch advisor and don’t need training yourself, the opportunity for growth of the practice sits squarely on the shoulders of dedicated and competent team members.

The vision most advisors have for themselves is to spend the majority of their time speaking with clients, prospects and centers of influence.

However, there is much more to running a successful practice. In order to reach this vision, other team members need to be involved.

Below are some suggestions for how to best add a new member to the team.

Have a detailed job description

Make sure you know what you want. A detailed job description is a must. If you have other team members, involve them in developing the job description.

Consider this an opportunity to rearrange job duties. When one of my advisors was looking to add a team member, one of the existing team members spoke up and said that she would like to add and eliminate some duties from her job description. She was thrilled to add the responsibilities in which she was interested and eliminate the responsibilities she didn’t enjoy.