The Two Most Ignored Marketing Tactics

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For some advisors, a key problem is generating inquiries. In my experience, marketing efforts tend to be a hodge-podge of activities. They often include social media, videos, print advertisements, referral programs, podcasts, events and radio programs.

Here are the two marketing tactics that are too often ignored.

Have a consistent theme

If I have convinced you of the merits of evidence-based persuasion, you understand your goal is to elicit information rather than convey it. You also know that decisions are largely based on the perception of your likeability, rather than your mastery of technical details.

Since your in-person meetings are governed by these principles, you should extend them to your marketing efforts. This can be challenging, but it can be done with the right mindset. Here’s one example:

Instead of a print ad that says: “We make your retirement dreams come true,” substitute: “Ask how we can help you meet your goals.”

Make an emotional connection

I have previously written about the critical importance of making an emotional connection with prospects. I suggested a number of ways to make this connection, including sharing similarities and making an inspirational appeal. But I rarely see any evidence of efforts to implement the findings of impressive research on this subject.