Make Your Website Work as Hard as You Do

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Lauren Hong

Every three to five years. That’s how often you should be refreshing and revamping your website based on how quickly technology and design develop. Not what you want to hear? Fear not: I promise the return is worth the investment on this one.

Your website is the new billboard. It’s the new full-page advertisement in that glossy magazine. And, most importantly, it’s your round-the-clock sales team, building your company when you’re at dinner, making friends on the golf course or getting some well-deserved shuteye.

Put your website to work

Your website isn’t just a splash page meant to look pretty. When done right, it’ll work as hard as you do – and become a game-changer for your business. Here’s how:

  1. Your website can streamline processes. Start treating your website as the virtual assistant it is. Enable it with contact details, fact sheets and intake forms. With just one quick visit, a prospective client should be able to a.) get in touch with you, b.) learn more about what you do and c.) get started with a service. Let your website do the hard work so that when they get to you, they’re knowledgeable about your company and already satisfied with the process.

  2. Your website can educate clients. In a world with so many choices, clients like to know they’re making the right one. Make your website an online hub that nourishes your clients’ need for information. Don’t just offer insight into your company; post educational resources that can help answer questions you frequently get, and offer continuously refreshed, valuable content via your blog. Help your clients before they even ask for it.

  3. Your website can inspire action to generate leads. Whether your goal is to have a potential client call you, sign up for your email list, download a whitepaper or schedule a consultation, your website should act as a lead-generation machine. Empower each page with one clear, concise call to action that inspires immediate action on the part of the visitor.

Ready to turn your website into the workhorse it’s meant to be? The time to get started is now.