The Key to Creating Better Marketing Materials

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For your New Year’s resolution this year, consider updating or creating new marketing materials for your firm. Do you know how to communicate your preferences to your creative team?

Maybe you are launching a new service in the new year and would like to develop a short video clip to display on your website. Maybe you are interested in adding a pitch book to your marketing collateral arsenal. The first step to take in the creative process is to identify a specific project. Answering fundamental questions, such as those I’ve identified below, about the deliverables will help you establish clear expectations for your creative team.

Target audience

Share as much as you can about your business, your service and your target audience. Who is your target audience? High-net worth or middle-market investors? Those in the accumulation or withdrawal phase of retirement? Or a specific niche, such as doctors or CEOs? Is your goal lead generation? Are you hoping to differentiate yourself you’re your competitors? Or do you want to educate already qualified prospects about your services? The final creative product should reflect the culture and ambitions of your company or service. The more you communicate these details, the more precise the results will be.


Just like the process of helping clients identify and communicate their financial goals, you will need to identify your goals for the project. What are you trying to achieve? What are your top three priorities or objectives? How do you envision the final design?

Message and tone

Advisors tend to have great difficulty effectively communicating the desired message and tone. What are you saying with this piece? What concepts do you want to convey? What do you want your audience to take away? How should the message be communicated? What specific adjectives would you use to describe the feeling or approach?