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I challenge you to deliver a unique, emotionally engaging experience that goes beyond expectations – what I call a WOW event – to a client or prospect. Do this once a week. If you don’t see a noticeable updraft in your practice after two months, I will take you to lunch.

Advisors are all too often at risk of losing client relationships. Clients do not find phone calls, emails, perfunctory reviews and letters engaging. You must make it a habit to go beyond your normal advisor-client interactions and deliver WOW experiences to prospects and clients.

Delivering WOW can take many forms. Here’s an example. I was with a top-performing registered investment advisor at a prominent country club in Florida. An acquaintance of mine at the club walked over to us at a luncheon. I knew this gentleman had recently sold his business, and I wanted to introduce him to the advisor.

“Joe, I want you to meet Rick,” I said. “He’s an independent advisor in town who has done quite well.”

“Yes, I have heard of you, Rick,” Joe said dismissively. “How do you run portfolios in this crazy environment?”

Rick, reading Joe’s personality cues, responded with confidence, “I manage a big pile of money for a small group of angry rich people.”

And here’s the kicker: Rick then walked away.

Talk about unconventional! The experience was jaw-dropping.

What did Joe say to me? “WOW. That guy’s confident.”

And here’s the double kicker. That night, I got an email from Joe asking for Rick’s info . Rick won a substantial piece of business from Joe during the next month.