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How are your communications like a courtship? In both cases, it’s crucial to proceed in the proper manner, at the proper time. Otherwise, like proposing marriage during a blind date, what might otherwise be a smooth move could flop fast.

Project planning

There are three questions I often hear from advisors who are embarking on a new communications plan:

  1. How do we get more traffic on our website?
  2. How can you help with our blog/social media/white paper/book?
  3. How much will it cost?

These are great questions … in time. But before you can properly address “how?” make sure you’ve nailed “what?” first.

  1. What are you trying to achieve – for yourself and for your firm?
  2. What do your ideal clients look like?
  3. What makes you uniquely positioned to help them?

Once you’ve clearly defined these business-development basics, it becomes much easier to sort out your true marketing and communication priorities:

  1. How can you optimize your website to be accessible and useful to your target audiences?
  2. How can a blog, social media, white paper or book help you achieve your deeper goals?
  3. How can you best manage the costs of building effective, appropriately tailored communications for your unique needs?