The following is in response to Peter Schiff’s commentary, Patriotic Millionaires Unmasked, which was published on November 21:

Dear Editor:

Peter Schiff’s condescending article made me even happier that the president was re-elected.

First, it was hard to get past his insulting claim that “President Obama’s re-election is easy to understand. He essentially promised millions of middle- and working-class voters that if he were to be re-elected, they would receive benefits paid for by the rich.” Really, Peter? I’m glad that’s how you see it, because that attitude will keep the right wing out of power for decades.

I am a happy and patriotic millionaire, and I worked hard to defeat Mr. Romney.  My zeal had zero to do with “benefits” and everything to do with a vast array of social issues, moral integrity (go back to the GOP primaries and check how often Romney was labeled a liar by his fellow Republicans), a strong belief that President Obama’s economic plan, though flawed, was far better the Romney mystery plan, and yes, a sense of fairness.

A small note: It was laughable that Schiff said David Berger “admitted” he used an accountant. How is that different from simply “using” an accountant? I’ll admit to the same crime because I have neither the time nor inclination to do my own taxes, and I admit I use a mechanic to change the oil in my Lexus LS 460. 

Of course, Schiff conveniently ignored the fact that all President Obama wants to do is get tax rates for the wealthy back to approximately where they were under Bill Clinton, when the economy was booming.

Most egregious was when Schiff said, “raising taxes on everyone is better than only raising them on the rich.” In what world is that better?  A teacher,  nurse or cop with two kids making $40,000 desperately needs every dollar she or he can earn.  You and I, Mr. Schiff, don’t need those extra dollars. But please, please continue to harbor your selfish attitude. It will make the next election that much easier.

Ken Weber
Weber Asset Management
Lake Success, NY