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I’ve had several emails in response to last week’s article on how investors are using LinkedIn to help select advisors. Indeed, one advisor told me of a systematic approach that is consistently yielding new business.

Let’s look at how this advisor is capitalizing on his online presence to attract an average of three new clients per month.  

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His plan has three steps:

  1. Building online awareness and driving traffic to his site
  2. Inviting visitors to his site to sit in on a monthly webinar, typically on a weeknight or Saturday morning
  3. Following up with investors who sign on for the webinar

Building online awareness

The first step for this advisor was to become comfortable with the online world. Beginning about eight years ago, he spent several hours a week online visiting different sites. He commented and expressed opinions on things that he read, addressed misconceptions, provided clarification where there was confusion and answered questions.

In 2007, this advisor was approached by a top financial blogger, who had read some of his comments. The advisor was invited to become a regular contributor to this blog.

A couple of things happened. With repeated exposure, his visibility on the blog increased. And  readers of his comments on the blog visited the advisor’s site to learn more.

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