Turning Corporate Downsizing into Prospecting Success

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Dan Richards

Optimists in the investment business claim "Crisis breeds opportunity."

The crisis around us is a lot easier to see than many opportunities – especially if you’re among the growing numbers of Americans who have lost their jobs.

And yet I’ve recently talked to five advisors who translated the disruption of corporate downsizing into new clients.

Here’s how they did it.

Creating a reputation: The pension specialist

In one major urban center, Advisor One branded himself “the pension specialist” and for the past year has been running radio ads on the local all-news station, encouraging people to call him before making decisions around their pensions. He’s created a dedicated website under the “pension specialist” brand, providing newsletters and seminars focusing on what people who are laid off and retiring need to know.

His website offers an especially broad range of useful information for retiring employees, with a particular focus on government workers.

Offering “tips and traps” workshops

Advisor Two created a 30 minute “tips and traps” workshop on the financial decisions people face when they’re terminated.  He approached outplacement counselors and law firms specializing in employment law, offering to conduct his workshop at their offices for their staff.  He invited HR managers in his community to attend a luncheon workshop at his office on this topic.

From this, he’s received referrals and invitations to run his workshop for a number of companies.