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Newsletters 2009

Dec 29, 2009 Jeremy Siegel on Undervaluation in US Equities: Bob Veres' Year-End Letters; Top 10 Articles from 2009
Dec 22, 2009 ECRI: Recovery and Jobs Growth are Underway; Put the Holiday Spirit in Your Networking; Six Words to Accountant Referrals
Dec 15, 2009 Barton Biggs on Undervaluation in the S&P 100; The Crisis in Public Pensions; Morningstar Defends their Ratings
Dec 8, 2009 Morningstar Ratings Fail over a Full Market Cycle; The 529 Dilemma; Art as an Investment
Dec 1, 2009 Ten Ways to Connect with your Clients' Children; Allen Sinai: The Failure of US Economic Policies; Hidden Cost of Active Management

Nov 24, 2009 Gary Shilling's Version of the New Normal; Dan Fuss and the Long-Term Interest Rate Outlook; Tapping into Today's Number One Client Concern
Nov 17, 2009 Ned Davis: The Bull Market is Not Over; Greenwald on Buffett's Folly; Our Steroidally Challenged Economy
Nov 10, 2009 Bruce Greenwald on Structural Problems in the Economy and Unemployment; Roubini: Fed Policies are Destabilizing the Markets
Nov 3, 2009 Absolutely ... Maybe; The Best Books on Investing; What it Takes to be a Fiduciary Financial Advisor
Oct 27, 2009 Managing Downside Risk in Retirement Planning; Responses to Michael Moore; The Power of Proactive Client Calls
Oct 20, 2009 Don't be Misled by Morningstar's Box Score Results; More on the Fama-French Active v. Passive Study; Life in and after the NBA
Oct 13, 2009 Seven Ways to Reach Prospects in the New Normal; Michael Moore - Take This! ; Luck vs. Skill in Mutual Fund Alphas
Oct 6, 2009 Head Fakes and Green Shoots in Housing; A Q3 Letter for Clients; Retailers Face the New Frugality
Sep 29, 2009 Strategic and Tactical Perspectives on Gold; The Case Against Inflation; Turning Intention into Action
Sep 22, 2009 Predictably Irrational - How Investors Frame Decisions; Communicating in a Sound Bite World; Momentum and Your Portfolio
Sep 15, 2009 Mohammed El-Erian on Emerging from the Crisis; Investing Lessons from Golfers and Blackjack Players
Sep 8, 2009 Are REITs Now Undervalued?; Advisors Survey Results Show Path to Business Growth
Sep 1, 2009 Politics and Fund Managers; Top Political Contributors Among Fund Managers; Shiller P/Es and Market Returns
Aug. 25, 2009 Jim Cramer Exposed; Growing a Practice in America's Fastest Dying City; A Response to Asset Allocation & the New Normal
Aug. 18, 2009 Actively Managed TIPS?; Six Lessons from the Market Meltdown; Turbulence & Diversification
Aug. 11, 2009 What the New Normal Means for Asset Allocation; The Business You Don't Want: 401(k) Plans
Aug. 4, 2009 Paul Krugman on the Prospects for Recovery; A Wakeup Call for Advisors
July 28, 2009 How Long is the Long Run?; Moving Average Crossover - Part 3; Flaws in the Case Shiller Methodology
July 21, 2009 The Retirement Portfolio Showdown: Jeremy Siegel v. Zvi Bodie; 3 Easy Steps to Effective Networking
July 14, 2009 Beyond Grantham: Politics and Investment Strategy; Behavioral Finance and Client Relationships
July 7, 2009 Marty Whitman on the Outlook for Distressed Securities; Gary Shilling;
Burton Malkiel
June 30, 2009 In Search of Unconventional Thinking; Moving Average: Holy Grail or
Fairy Tale - Part 2
June 23, 2009 Compelling Evidence that Active Management Really Works;
The Road to Zimbabwe
June 16, 2009 Seth Klarman: Why Most Investment Managers Have It Backwards;
Peter L. Bernstein Remembered
June 9, 2009 Simon Johnson on Obama's Achilles Heel; Plus Taleb, Gross, Berkowitz, Weitz, Marsico and Gundlach
June 2, 2009 Jeremy Grantham's Warnings to Investors; John Bogle - Beware the Lantern on the Stern
May 26, 2009 Dan Fuss on the Eisenhower Recession Redux; The Importance of Being Active
May 19, 2009 Opportunities and Risk in TIPS; David Swensen's Ascent
May 12, 2009 A Look Inside the Commercial Property Market; Michael Lewitt of HCM - "The Well-Meaning"; Lessons from Winning Athletes
May 5, 2009 Zvi Bodie on Inflation Hedging Across Asset Classes; Active v. Passive; A Prospecting Tip from Obama
April 28, 2009 Gary Shilling on the Prospects for Recovery; Active v. Passive Management in Bear Markets; A 100-Year Forecast
April 21, 2009 Bonds for the Long Run? Not Quite Yet; Overcoming a Key Barrier to Moving Accounts
April 14, 2009 Woody Brock: Why Fiscal & Monetary Policies May Fail; Paul McCulley: The Reverse Minsky Journey and the Way Back
April 7, 2009 Jean-Marie Eveillard - A Final Interview; The Three Legs of the Next Bull Market
March 31, 2009 Inside the Harvard Management Company; The Market Valuation Q-uestion
March 24, 2009 A Safer Four Percent Withdrawal Rate; Plus Michael Lewitt & Jeff Gundlach
March 17, 2009 Junk is Still a Four Letter Word; Alan Greenspan Abducted by Aliens; The End of Prospecting
March 10, 2009 China in 2009 and Beyond; The Future of the Asset Management Industry; Jeremy Siegel Debunked
March 3, 2009 Why Diversification is Failing; Cleaning up the Banks' Toxic Waste Dumps
Feb. 24, 2009 The Case for the All-Bond Portfolio; Social Networks and Stock Returns; The Lessons of Japan's Lost Decade
Feb. 17, 2009 Values in Muni Bonds; Zvi Bodie on the Future of Retirement Portfolios; A 5-Part Conversation to Rebuild Confidence
Feb. 10, 2009 Mark Zandi - Optimism for Housing & the Economy; The Coming Wave in Alt-A Defaults; 3 Myths of Underperformance
Feb. 3, 2009 Lessons from Past Financial Crises; Rob Arnott defends Fundamental Indexing; 12 Tips for Motivation
Jan. 27, 2009 Roubini: US Banks are Halfway through Write-offs; 12 Pieces of Good News Amid the Gloom
Jan. 20, 2009 Our Forecast for 2009; David Swensen Speaks Out; Rational Advice for Anxious Participants
Jan. 13, 2009 Brian Wesbury: "The Market is Significantly Undervalued"; Our Analysis of Stadium Naming Rights Deals
Jan. 6, 2009 Bruce Berkowitz of Fairholme on Exceptional Market Opportunities; 6 Due Diligence Questions for Advisors

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