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How Moving Average Strategies Can Really Work by Jerry A. Miccolis, CFA®, CFP®, FCAS, CERA, Marina Goodman, CFA®, CFP® and Rohith Eggidi

In a previous article, Paul Allen explored the universe of moving average crossover (MAC) strategies. In his thorough and even-handed analysis, Allen concluded that MAC strategies can effectively decrease periodic drawdowns in portfolios but can materially underperform during bull markets. In this article, we propose how to improve MAC strategies so that they may perform better during bull markets and still provide protection during bear markets.

Most Recent Commentaries

Point and Go Figure by Robert Isbitts of Sungarden Investment Research

I will admit that “Point and Figure” (P&F) charting is not something I have spent years studying. I do know that according to Investopedia and other sources I have read recently, it is gaining followers. P&F charts tend to be longer-term in their view, and they project and name an actual price “target” for the stock or index you are tracking.

The Single-Engine Global Economy by Nouriel Roubini of Project Syndicate

The global economy is like a jetliner that needs all of its engines operational to take off and steer clear of clouds and storms. Unfortunately, only one of its four engines is functioning properly, the pilots must navigate menacing storm clouds, and fights are breaking out among the passengers.

Weekly Economic Commentary by Team of Northern Trust

Stress testing is performed in a number of arenas. Tools and parts are stressed to ensure that they will stand up to extreme conditions. Medical patients are stressed to detect heart disease. Computer systems are stressed to ensure that they can operate stably at peak times.

5 Things To Ponder: "Spooky" Things by Lance Roberts of Streettalk Live

I love this time of year, in particular it is the festivities surrounding one of the biggest commercial shopping days of the year - Halloween. According to Wikipedia:

Financial Markets Review Third Quarter 2014 by Team of AMG Funds

Similar to earlier this year, the third quarter featured further evidence of a multi-speed economic recovery across the globe. Central banks reacted in a less-than-coordinated fashion compared to years prior, with the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of Japan (BOJ) loosening monetary policy while the U.S. Federal Reserve (the Fed) retained more of its status quo as detailed further here.

A New Breed of Robotics by Kenichi Amaki of Matthews Asia

Are “collaborative robots”—industrial robots made to better work alongside humans—likely to be well-received in the market? How feasible is a car made from a 3D printer? This week Portfolio Manager Kenichi Amaki discusses his findings from the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago.

Quick Hit on Q3 GDP: #QUAD4 Confirmed by Darius Dale of Hedgeye Risk Management

With this [soon-to-be-revised-down, pre-election Q3 GDP print], the U.S. economy is squarely in #Quad4 and should remain there throughout Q4

Small Cap leverage by Jun Zhu of The Leuthold Group

Small Caps' balance sheets and debt servicing capacity are not in the healthiest state to weather higher interest rates (relative to Large Caps). This could be part of the big picture of weakening Small Cap performance. Small Cap investors should place an emphasis on companies with relatively stronger balance sheets, and higher earnings power in order to accommodate an environment of rising interest rates. With the Fed mulling over a rate increase, investors may have already started to avoid companies with excess leverage. Unfortunately, Small Caps, on average, are in this camp.

A Framework for Superior Risk-Adjusted Returns: High Quality Stocks in Developed Markets by Baijnath Ramraika, CFA® and Prashant Trivedi, CFA®

A basket of high-quality stocks generates significantly superior investment returns compared to publicly traded benchmarks, and it does so with significantly lower risk.

Why It's So Brutally Hard to Get Prospects to Move by Dan Richards

Two factors underlie the difficulty in getting prospects to make a change - the risk of pain is too great or the prospect of gain is insufficient. The good news is that there are some strategies that can overcome these obstacles.

Third Quarter Review 2014 by Clark M. Blackman II

The following is a letter to clients that readers may adapt for their own use.

Two Tips for Connecting Emotionally With Prospects by Daniel Solin

In my coaching practice, I often suggest that advisors drastically change the way they conduct meetings with prospects. Here are the two recommendations that I make most frequently.

The Individual Investor's Edge by Patrick O'Shaughnessy

Even if the sophistication of professional managers makes it seem as though individual investors do not have an edge, they do. Without a job to worry about, individual investors can tolerate short-term underperformance on the path to long-term outperformance.

Five Holiday Marketing Tips by Megan Elliott

The holiday season is an ideal time to reach out and remind people what you do in a more personal, less sales-focused way than you might at other times of the year.

Career Center by Various

Find career opportunities for firms that seek to add financial advisors and planners to their staff. Read more to find out how to post opportunities at your firm.

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