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Advisor Perspectives is the leading interactive publisher for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), wealth managers, and financial advisors. Financial professionals use Advisor Perspectives for:

  • Our email newsletters, which provides actionable insights related to investment strategy and the economy, as well as interviews with thought leaders in the investment industry.
  • Market Commentaries, which is an audience-generated forum where fund companies, wealth managers and financial advisors share their views on the market, the economy, and investment strategy. This is the only place online where such a large diversity of opinion can be found in one easy to use, and fully searchable location.
  • Access to our exclusive database of investment information showing how high- and ultra-high net worth investors allocate their assets, and which mutual funds they hold. Advisor Perspectives is the only source of this information in the investment industry, and our database reveals the preferences of the most coveted investor segments, without any statistical biases.

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Our goal is to provide accurate, relevant, and actionable information to the investment advisor community. Your ideas, comments, and suggestions are welcome.