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Pacific Funds is a family of mutual funds designed for growth, income generation, or diversification that is headquartered in Newport Beach, California. Our goal is to maintain high-quality service standards for our shareholders and for financial advisors. We are committed to providing quality products and service to help meet your financial goals.

Portfolio Manager Viewpoint - Credit Markets

June 01, 2017

The post-U.S. presidential election environment has seen a sharp rally in risk assets and economic optimism. In this note, David Weismiller, portfolio manager for Pacific Asset Management’s investment-grade bond strategies, discusses the market environment and current investment positioning.

Climbing the Wall of Optimism

April 03, 2017

Will markets be able to climb the wall of optimism given the recent surge in consumer and business confidence driven by the policy actions of the new U.S. president's administration? Pacific Funds portfolio managers discuss market sentiment, potential economic growth, and their outlook for the balance of 2017.

Down to Business: The Outlook for Stocks in the First 100 Days of the Trump Administration

February 28, 2017

President Trump’s campaign promises may have important implications for the economy and the stock market. In this Q&A, our U.S. equity investment professionals discuss how the first 100 days of the new administration may impact the market.


February 01, 2017

Uncertainty was a major theme in 2016, which had a pronounced impact on the financial markets. In times like these, it’s important to work with investment managers who are experienced at navigating these markets. In this outlook, Pacific Funds investment managers discuss insights, themes, and trends that may shape the market in 2017.

Under Control: How a Disciplined Approach Can Keep Investors Focused

January 10, 2017

Investing for the long term is not a new concept, yet an increasingly large body of research suggests that investors are prone to short-term thinking. Although behavioral finance has identified the importance of taking emotion out of investing, for many this is easier said than done. While behavioral modifications can help, we believe that a risk-controlled investment approach can help limit rash decisions, while keeping investors focused on the long term.

The New Conundrum

October 13, 2016

How can the Fed uphold a dual mandate while recognizing the interdependence of global policies, economies, and financial conditions? Pacific Funds portfolio managers assess the new conundrum that Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet Yellen is facing and what it means for the remainder of 2016.

The Wild West of 2016

March 24, 2016

At Pacific Funds, we believe diversification will be a cornerstone to a successful outcome in 2016. Read our asset allocation experts’ outlook on various asset classes and which investment themes demand our focus throughout the year.

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