Mercer on AI's 2023 Performance and Expectations for 2024

In a recent special edition video, VettaFi’s CMO Jon Fee sat down with Senior Research Analyst Zeno Mercer to discuss all things artificial intelligence. The duo explores several topics within this technology realm to give investors and advisors a better understanding of AI’s 2023 performance overall.

To help explain artificial intelligence’s showing this year, Fee and Mercer discuss the ROBO Global® Artificial Intelligence Index (THNQ) in great detail. Mercer shares the index’s performance numbers in 2023 and some of the notable constituents that are held within the index. He also addresses the effect the successful release of ChatGPT had on some of the key stocks in the index.

Further, the pair explores how companies implement AI into what they do, and what that means for the foreseeable future. To close their conversation, Mercer shares some of the predictions he has for artificial intelligence as a whole in 2024.

AI’s 2023 Performance and Expectations for 2024

0:00 Introduction to the video, and introducing Zeno Mercer to the audience

0:30 Innovation is a keyword surrounding AI

1:00 Why Fee believes AI is the initialism of the year

1:30 Mercer’s thoughts on how companies implement AI into their business

2:00 How AI is shifting from a testing phase to a deployment phase

2:45 With McDonald’s implementing AI into its processes, can it now make a better burger than In-N-Out?

3:30 The performance of the THNQ index

4:00 The revenue and performance of the index are beginning to get into gear

4:30 Did ChatGPT hurt or help stocks in the THNQ index?

5:00 How has the THNQ index adapted as AI technology has advanced?

5:30 How did Q3 earnings affect the index?

6:30 What constituents are held within the index?

7:00 Microsoft is looking at developing its own AI chips

7:30 Some of the companies held in THNQ assist other companies in developing AI

8:00 What are Mercer’s 2024 predictions for artificial intelligence?

8:30 Mercer believes Microsoft doesn’t want to miss out on the next wave of consumer-focused tech products

9:00 Personal AI assistant products will be prevalent in 2024

9:30 AI and robotics may begin to overlap in the New Year

10:00 Closing thoughts, and introducing some of the topics Zeno will speak about at the Exchange Conference in February 2024.

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