Revisiting ROBO on its 10 Year Anniversary

In October, the ROBO Global Robotics & Automation Index celebrated its 10th anniversary since its original inception date. To celebrate this accomplishment, VettaFi CMO Jon Fee sat down with Zeno Mercer, a senior research analyst at VettaFi, for a special edition episode of “What Makes That Ticker Tick” to discuss the ROBO index at large.

The pair dive into several new and unique intricacies regarding the index that they didn’t cover in their first meeting on the show. Fee and Mercer break down the different ways that the index has changed since its inception date. The duo also discusses what investors can expect from the index in the future as ROBO looks forward to its next 10 years. In addition, topics like logistics companies found within the index, manufacturing and industrial automation, and the driverless car movement are also discussed.

Special Edition Episode For ROBO’s 10th Anniversary

0:00 Introducing the show and the index being covered

0:35 What was ROBO’s purpose when it first started? What is it now?

1:25 An in-depth look inside the index

2:00 What companies are in the “enabling technologies” section of the index’s portfolio?

3:15 A look at the other side of the portfolio

3:45 Who are some of the logistics companies found within the index?

4:30 Manufacturing and industrial automation company’s evolution within the index

5:40 The driverless car movement

6:30 The deployment of robotics in autonomous vehicle production

8:00 What can investors expect from the ROBO index in the next 10 years?

8:30 The impact of generative artificial intelligence

9:00 What makes it an interesting space to watch?

9:20 Final thoughts from Fee and Mercer

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