Jon Fee & Jane Edmondson on EQM Indexes

In September, VettaFi announced the acquisition of EQM Indexes and is now proud to have it as a part of VettaFi’s overall indexing capabilities. This acquisition became the second indexing firm VettaFi acquired this year after it brought in the ROBO Global Index suite in April.

To celebrate the acquisition of EQM Indexes, Jon Fee caught up with Jane Edmondson, co-founder and CEO of EQM Indexes and the new head of thematic strategy at VettaFi.

The pair opened the discussion highlighting Edmondson’s background and her journey in developing the index. Fee and Edmondson also discuss Edmondson’s pet peeves within the indexing industry. To close the conversation, Fee and Edmondson touched on several different reasons they are very excited about EQM Indexes joining the VettaFi family.

Jon Fee & Jane Edmondson Q&A

0:00 Announcing the acquisition of EQM Indexes, and introduction to Jane Edmondson.

0:25 Why did Edmondson start EQM Indexes?

1:40 What are some of Edmondson’s pet peeves within the indexing industry?

3:30 What type of growth does Edmondson see coming from indexing in the next five years?

4:45 Does Edmondson think indexing is ripe for disruption?

6:45 Fee and Edmondson on their excitement about EQM Indexes joining VettaFi.

8:50 Will Edmondson be attending Exchange?

9:25 Final thoughts

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