VettaFi Viewpoints: Dave Nadig & Zeno Mercer on AI’s Disruptive Potential

Artificial intelligence and generative intelligence programs, including ChatGPT and the like, have changed the conversation across the market. Massive tech conglomerates have seen their stock prices skyrocket, thanks to the merest mention of plans to adopt the latest in AI services.

While the “existential threat” of AI can cloud the conversation, the truth is the technology will have genuine, market-shaping impacts for years and decades to come. AI has the potential to disrupt not just specific industries, but the entire attention economy that defines modern life.

VettaFi’s Financial Futurist Dave Nadig sat down with ROBO Global’s senior research analyst Zeno Mercer for a wide-ranging discussion about AI. Together, the two explored industries that could benefit from AI, those facing existential threats, and how the smartest AI analysts see it.

In April, VettaFi acquired ROBO Global’s index suite, adding several of its robotics, automation, and AI benchmarks to its roster. Mercer has worked at ROBO Global since 2021.

Show Notes: AI And Market Disruption

  • 0:45: How an AI & robotics analyst sees ChatGPT’s debut
  • 2:30: Which industries will feel the biggest impact of ChatGPT
  • 3:45: Which knowledge firms are making the next “digital” leap
  • 5:00: How do we avoid an AI arms race?
  • 6:45: Can AI actually help reduce huge inefficiencies in health care?
  • 8:15: Can an AI engine make a healthier attention economy?
  • 9:20: How do the most AI-vulnerable industries navigate an existential crisis?
  • 10:45: How Zeno uses ChatGPT day-to-day

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