VettaFi Viewpoints: Dave Nadig & Canopy’s Eric Golden Talk Crypto

Let’s not beat around the bush: Cryptocurrency has struggled over the last few months. The so-called “crypto winter” has taken its toll. Meanwhile, the SEC and regulators continue to go back and forth on the future of securitization. To better understand the state of play, VettaFi’s financial futurist Dave Nadig met with Canopy founder Eric Golden for a discussion on crypto’s prospects.

The pair touched on a variety of topics, including NFTs, how advisors can navigate off-sheet client cryptocurrency use, and more. Their discussion also considered the recent boom in AI machine learning software and the role AI can play in the cryptocurrency landscape. Finally, Nadig and Golden mused about crypto’s future in the U.S. amid ongoing regulatory battles with the SEC.

Golden’s firm, Canopy, currently operates in “stealth mode.” Golden has also worked at Fidelity Investments as managing director and portfolio manager of personal bond management (PBM).

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“Dave Nadig & Eric Golden on Crypto” Sections:

0:00: Is crypto dead — or a frontier?
2:30: Are regulators forcing the crypto industry offshore?
4:45: Do those regulatory hurdles curb U.S. financial and tech innovation?
5:55: Advisor approaches wealthy clients and families using cryptocurrencies
7:30: How Canopy uses SMAs to help advisors with crypto
8:30: Balancing the promise of crypto democratization with traditional asset management
11:00: What does Eric see as the most exciting thing about cryptocurrency right now?
13:00: How does the brand/consumer relationship in crypto grow without some regulations?
15:15: How does AI impact NFTs and culture-focused offerings without constantly inviting SEC action?
17:45: Can crypto help track provenance and ownership in AI-generated works?
19:30: AI, smart contracts, and data storage middlemen

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