AI and Institutional Decay: A Future of Finance Q2 Update

Is artificial intelligence (AI) a powerful force for institutional change? A destructive blunt instrument for bad actors pursuing zero-sum games? A little of both, says Dave Nadig, VettaFi’s Financial Futurist.

In this follow-up video to Exchange’s Future of Finance panel, Nadig checks in with Tom Morgan, director of Sapient Capital; Adam Butler, Resolve Asset Management CIO; and Kris Abdelmessih, editor at Moontower Meta. Their discussion delves deep into the 2023 AI explosion, as well as the challenge of finding meaning in our current reality.

To propel innovation, there needs to be slack in the system, concluded the group. That slack simply doesn’t exist for almost everyone in modern systems, however, which prioritize economic utility above all other values.

But in a world full of computer-generated work — whether it’s art, music, or writing — where the human element is diminished, “I think we’ll start caring much more about that precisely because we’ll long for that human experience,” Nadig explained. “You cannot commodify the majority of the human experience to just information. I think the human connectivity really matters.”

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  • 03:00 – On ethics and hustle culture
  • 05:45 – The importance of who controls artificial intelligence toolsets
  • 09:30 – The role of the collective culture plays on artificial intelligence innovations
  • 17:00 – Societal change and the role the macro environment plays historically
  • 23:45 – An optimistic look on how humanity will approach encroaching AI
  • 28:20 – The problem of embodiment in AI and humanity
  • 35:30 – Current social movements as a reaction state to institutional decay and the role of privilege
  • 42:00 – The challenge of defining, much less finding, meaning in modern systems
  • 50:30 – The “psychopath problem” of the current system

Topics: Artificial Intelligence (AI), polycrisis, institutional failure, the “meaning crisis,” connectivity

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