What Drove the Hottest ETF Category in 2022?

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About This Episode

Last year, 2022, the 10-year bond yield rose 225 basis points, delivering record losses to bond investors. Equities were not much better, as the S&P lost 18.11% of its value. But this year has been different. The 10-year yield is down 27 basis points, and the S&P 500 is up 6.08%. Here to discuss whether those rallies in stocks and bonds will continue, and how advisors can protect portfolios from the volatility that we saw last year is Tim Urbanowicz.

About Our Guest

Tim Urbanowicz, CFA is the head of research and investment strategy for Innovator Capital Management. In his role, Tim is responsible for all market research, investment strategy, and portfolio solutions.

Prior to joining Innovator, Tim was a senior investment strategist for Northern Trust, serving as a subject matter expert on global markets and portfolio construction. Prior to joining Northern Trust Tim served as the director of fixed income ETFs and head capital markets strategist for Invesco.

Show Notes

Here is a link to the Innovator ETF web site, where you can read more of the research that Tim and his team produce, and about Innovator’s defined-outcome product suite.

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