Minisode - A New Resource to Help with Charitable Giving


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About This Episode

Charitable giving is triggered by one of five events, when clients have:

1. Experienced a financial life-changing liquidity or similar event;

2. Had a life-threatening health situation themselves or have a family member who has, and they want to honor them;

3. Expressed an interest in talking to the next generation about their wealth;

4. Stated the intention to establish a legacy; or

5. Volunteered their time or sit on a nonprofit board.

About Our Guest

Fred Kaynor is vice president of marketing and business development of Schwab Charitable, and is responsible for engaging and building relationships with donors, financial advisors and charities in order to help increase the impact and efficiency of giving in the United States.

Here to talk about how to guide client conversation around those events is Fred Kaynor.

Show Notes

Here is a link for more information about Schwab Charitable. Here is a link to download the Schwab Charitable Giving Guide.