How to Access Advisor Perspectives on your iPad

Step 1

Open or Download the "Flipboard" app.

iPad Step 1

Step 2

While waiting for "Flipboard" to launch, you'll see this screen

iPad Step 2

Step 3

"Flipboard" will open to its launch page where you'll need to swipe right to left with one finger over the "< FLIP" graphic in the middle of the right hand side

iPad Step 3

Step 4

This will bring you to your "flipboard" where you'll tap the magnifying glass icon to open the search pane

iPad Step 4

Step 5

You then tap on the search field to bring up the keyboard in order to enter a search

iPad Step 5

Step 6

Search for "Advisor Perspectives" or "" then hide the keyboard by select the button highlighted in blue

iPad Step 6

Step 7

In the search results, you can see both the Twitter and Facebook pages. Clicking on either one brings up its respective page

iPad Step 7

Step 8

Tapping the "+ Add" button in the top left corner adds the page to your "flipboard"

iPad Step 8