S&P 500 Snapshot: Friday Ends Up 1.89%

This article was originally written by Doug Short. From 2016-2022, it was improved upon and updated by Jill Mislinski. Starting in January 2023, AP Charts pages will be maintained by Jennifer Nash at Advisor Perspectives/VettaFi.

The S&P 500 rebounded on Friday, however despite the rally it still closed the week down 0.7%. The index is up 3.47% YTD and is still 17.18% below its record close.

S&P 500

The U.S. Treasury put the closing yield on the 10-year note, as of January 20, at 3.48% which is above its record low (0.52% on 8/4/2020). The 2-year note is at 4.14%. See our latest Treasury Snapshot here.

S&P 500

Here's a snapshot of the index going back to 2012.