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Fed’s Message: Get Ready

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) of the Federal Reserve did not make any formal changes to its policy, but did signal it would begin raising the fed funds rate soon.

The Fed’s Road to Full Normalization

At the January 2022 meeting, the U.S. Federal Reserve signaled an accelerated timetable to normalize policy, but it will be a long process amid an uncertain environment.

Inflation Will Hurt Both Stocks and Bonds

The longstanding negative correlation between stock and bond prices is an artifact of the low-inflation environment of the past 30 years.

Global Economic Outlook: Touch And Go

The Northern Trust Economics team shares its outlook for key markets in the month ahead.

Liftoff in March

The Fed stayed the course today, with no change in the Fed Funds rate, no adjustment to the pace of tapering, no shift in the timeline for raising rates, and no indication that they intend to lift rates in larger steps.

Direct Indexing: What Exactly Is It And Why Are So Many Talking About It?

The term direct indexing is somewhat of a misnomer.

12 Stocks in the Industrials Sector

This is the 7th in a series of 11 videos where I will cover each of the 11 sectors looking for value.

Investing In Energy Transition: Gray Area Between Green And Brown Economies

Energy sector leaders quickly shifted from the “green” economy in 2020 to the “brown” economy in 2021.

Planning for ’22 with Lessons from ‘21

In our latest issue, Andy Rothman discusses how last year’s experiences can help us plan for China’s 2022 economic prospects.

Investment Strategy Commentary: Market Pullback

Spurred by rate hike concerns, geopolitical tensions and more, markets saw a 10% correction intra-day today – find out how that impacts our outlook.

Precautionary Stockpiling and Its Impact on Growth

Companies are buying raw and intermediate goods at a record pace, which we believe will influence economic growth in 2022.

Why Has the Chinese Yuan Been So Strong, Will it Last, and What Does it Mean for the US?

Since May 2020, the Chinese Yuan has defied the path of other emerging market currencies, strengthening by almost 12%.

Quick Thoughts: The Inflation Debate

Disagreements about the outlook for inflation in the new year and beyond continue.

2022 Investment Grade Credit Outlook: Views on Risk Appetite, Rising Stars and Trends

Members of Loomis Sayles' IG Credit Sector Team share their views on key themes in 2022.

Equity Investment Outlook: The Pandemic’s Long Tail

In our latest outlook we examine the long-term implications of the pandemic, particularly changes to the labor market and the supply chain, and we discuss why we will be focusing on companies with pricing power in 2022.