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Safer With an Active Asset Management Approach Than with None or a Passive One

In the light of multiple discussions raised in AP community about strategies that help investors through market downturns, we would like to share a perspective on advantages of an active asset management approach or so-called actively traded hedge-fund strategy based on the example of a classic long-short US equity strategy.

Bitcoin Tests $19,000

The crypto investing front has taken another barrage of body blows, pushing Bitcoin to test the $19,000 per coin level once again.

Taking the Consumer’s Temperature

With consumer behavior under a magnifying glass, Portfolio Manager Jennifer Thomas, shares her assessment of the US consumer.

The Fed Is Actually Fixing Inequality, Unfortunately

Last Thursday, Elizabeth Warren expressed skepticism about the Fed tightening monetary policy, saying it would make people poor.

A Stagflationary Debt Crisis Looms

There is ample reason to worry that major economies like the United States are heading for a recession, accompanied by cascading financial turmoil.

Somber Summer

The Northern Trust Economics team shares its outlook for key markets in the month ahead.

No Excuses: Plan Now for Recession

Now is the time to engage in risk management to retain your competitive advantage once the economy emerges from the slowdown.

2022 Global Market Outlook – Q3 update: Fear of the known

Recession fears and central-bank tightening are driving market volatility.

Key Takeaways From Our 2021 Advisor Fixed Income Portfolio Review

We examine key themes from our review of advisor fixed income portfolios over the past year.

2022 Mid-Year Corporate Credit Outlook

After the steep drop in prices during the first half of this year, yields on many corporate bond investments are at or near 12-year highs.

The Monetary Surge Continues to Ebb

We've told people to watch the M2 measure of money in order to understand whether inflation will cool down or heat up.

Are We Talking Ourselves Into A Recession?

As I have indicated in recent weeks, I don’t really understand why the media has turned so bearish on the US economy lately, and why so many forecasters are predicting we’re either just about to enter a potentially nasty recession or we’re already in one.

Heavy Metal Omen for Energy Prices

Energy commodity prices (the index in this chart includes crude oil, natural gas, and other petroleum products) have pulled back from the highs, but it could just be the start of a deeper correction if the price action in industrial metal commodities is anything to go by.

Good Morning, Vietnam

Vietnam is a frontier market star.

High-Yielding High-Quality Dividend Growth Stock Benefiting from Rising Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve is trying to fight inflation by raising interest rates.