Bitcoin ETFs Provide the Gateway to Blockchain Exposure

Even before the recent approvals of many Bitcoin spot ETFs, wealth advisors were mostly bullish on the future of blockchain as an attractive asset class.

The fund approvals have now slammed the door shut on debate. Not only has the U.S. decided that digital monies, commodities, and assets are in all our futures, the U.S. judicial system is also providing a potential roadmap and runway.

As investors in early-stage Blockchain ventures, we believe the long-term appreciation of Bitcoin can be a price driver of valuations across the six distinct asset classes under the Blockchain umbrella. More importantly, we think advisors need to see the big picture here to maximize returns and diversification for their clients.


It may seem odd that Bitcoin, the peer-to-peer cash created to serve investors wanting to break from the deflationary monetary policies of traditional fiat money and markets, would appear in ETF form.

However, the reason is very simple. Most investors can’t self-custody their investments, or they prefer to work with intermediaries who help them invest. While the most efficient way to invest in Bitcoin is to buy and hold it yourself, and while it is also true that if you don't control your Bitcoin keys, you don't own the Bitcoin, millions of investors have been waiting for 'traditional ways' to gain exposure.