International Women’s Day: Investing in Women

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Since the 1980s, we have celebrated and honored female trailblazers, who have shaped our history and advocated for change, during Women’s History Month. Today, March 8, is no exception, as we celebrate International Women’s Day by recognizing women’s global achievements and contributions to history, culture, and society. International Women’s Day also serves as a powerful reminder of the ongoing struggles women face in the modern workplace, including gender equality, pay equity, and the lack of visibility of women in leadership positions.

As one of two females on a predominantly male team, in a male-dominated industry, I can certainly relate to being the only female in the room—a reality many female readers may understand. My experience has certainly given me a unique view into the importance of investing in women.

Closing the Gender Gap

In fact, I’m reminded of the incredible opportunity investing in women presents to us all—and the collective responsibility we have in advancing the pipeline for the next generation. By advancing, empowering, and collectively investing in women, we can achieve an equitable future where all members of society can participate and thrive—while also benefitting the economy. Yes, you heard that right! Closing the gender employment gap could help boost long-term GDP per capita by nearly 20 percent, on average, across countries, according to data from The World Bank.

Yet we all know there’s significant work to be done. For instance, the average weekly earnings of females relative to males currently stands at 84 percent.

average weekly earnings

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