Great Expectations: Aligning on Workplace Benefits

The fourth edition of Franklin Templeton’s “Voice of the American Workplace” survey included the perspectives of both employers and workers. The 2024 survey found US workers are prioritizing higher compensation and the ability to save more for retirement. At the same time, employers’ perceptions of what workers are seeking has diverged. In this piece, our Jacque Reardon shares findings from the survey and potential implications for employers.

Benefits play a significant role in recruiting and retaining a talented workforce.

By gaining a deeper understanding of employee desires, employers can effectively create loyalty and attract top talent.

Franklin Templeton’s 2024 “Voice of the American Workplace” survey found it is more important than ever for employers to optimize resources and tailor benefits to meet workers’ needs. While compensation and health benefits are important to workers, the survey revealed that what workers are looking for may not be in sync with what employers think.

Bridging the perception gap provides an opportunity for a better alignment of benefits and needs.

Conducted in partnership with The Harris Poll, our fourth annual survey was rebranded as “Voice of the American Workplace” because it now includes the views of both employers and workers.