8 ETF Stories Recapping VettaFi’s Growing Community

It’s the time of year when you look back at all that’s been accomplished. VettaFi’s covered strong net inflows into fixed income ETFs, covered call funds, and many, many, many new product launches. But VettaFi also accomplished a lot as a firm.

For example, we hosted approximately 230 virtual events that were attended live by more than 60,000 people. This stemmed from more than 100,000 registrants. Some other highlights from our firm are covered in this thank-you video:

However, I want to recap our year using eight of my articles.

The Best Conference for Advisors to Exchange Ideas

A Day in the Educational Life of an ETF Nerd at Exchange

In February 2023, VettaFi hosted a four-day Exchange conference in Miami. The preconference included a meet-the-press panel hosted by Bob Pisani, ethics training, and an ETF university to bring advisors up to speed. The latter was hosted by VettaFi Editor in Chief Lara Crigger and me. But we were joined by industry experts from Astoria Advisors, Bloomberg, CFRA, ETF Store, FactSet, Tidal Financial Group, and others.