The Alternatives Symposium Will Help You Find Diversification

VettaFi’s Alternatives Symposium is set for Tuesday, November 28. VettaFi has been holding monthly symposiums that have become the go-to destination for advisors looking to get the best thought leadership on the market.

The Alternatives Symposium holds special importance, given the unique role alternatives play in a portfolio. In an era of increasing correlation, diversification is harder than ever.

“A rough 2022 is still fresh in the minds of many advisors and there’s uncertainty heading into 2024,” said VettaFi Head of Research Todd Rosenbluth. “I’m excited we will be covering a range of alternative strategies to help provide diversification benefits. The so-called asset class includes many segments, but we will try to provide wide-ranging expertise with our asset management partners.”

There Is No Alternative to Alternatives

Alternatives can help portfolios find that diversification and weather challenging markets. Accordingly, portfolios with smart alternative exposures better navigated the stormy weather of 2022. Portfolios with allocations purely in equities and fixed income produced disastrous results.

Fortunately, a range of alternatives products are available for advisors. Understanding the tools available in the alternatives space is critical for keeping a portfolio diversified and flexible. Each product has risks and opportunities. As such, VettaFi will be assembling an all-star lineup of though leaders to provide guidance. These experts will illuminate which tools work which ways under which market conditions.