Investing Lessons from Climate School, Class of 2023

ESG in Action

Climate change is already materially affecting financial and economic outcomes, and that impact is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. That’s why AllianceBernstein, in partnership with Columbia University’s Climate School, developed the Climate Change and Investment Academy. We hosted our second curriculum in 2023 to help our clients and partners better understand the complex science of climate change—and its effects on financial markets and investment decisions.

The Issue

We’ve always intended for the unique collaboration between AllianceBernstein (AB) and Columbia University to serve the broader asset-management industry. Asset owners and managers alike are eager to explore the complex issues of climate change and its potential effect on investments and investment decision-making.

That’s why AB developed the Climate Change and Investment Academy, a curriculum designed to help investors navigate the impact of climate change on economies, issuers and portfolios. The six-week course draws on the expertise of climate scholars and investment professionals to integrate the latest scientific observations around climate change themes and to understand how these issues may materially affect investment risks and opportunities.

More than 1,000 AB clients and partners around the world participated in our second Climate Academy curriculum in 2023, in which prerecorded webinars were followed by virtual group Q&A sessions. During these in-depth dialogues, participants and panel experts discussed diverse topics, from trends in China’s energy mix to the evolution of carbon markets to biodiversity finance.

Below, we provide a small sample of the scholarly and practical insights our AB and Columbia colleagues shared about these vitally important subjects.