VettaFi Announces Acquisition of EQM Indexes

Innovative provider of custom indexes becomes a key part of a growing suite of VettaFi index solutions, which now power nearly $19 billion in ETFs and other vehicles.

NEW YORK – VettaFi, an indexing, data & analytics, and digital distribution company that helps asset managers solve their most pressing and complex challenges, has announced the acquisition of EQM Indexes, LLC, one of the most innovative providers of custom thematic index solutions to the ETF industry.

Co-founded by Jane Edmondson and Dan Janowiak, EQM Indexes brings a quantitative, research-driven approach to index design. The firm has built indexes providing targeted exposure to a wide range of thematic investments, including online retail, rare earths & critical materials, blockchain technology, and the global music industry. EQM Indexes has also designed several innovative income-generating approaches and provides indexing solutions for advisors and investment managers in North America, Europe, and Australia.

“This is an exciting day for VettaFi, as we add one of the most creative and forward-thinking groups in the business to our all-star team of indexing professionals,” said Leland Clemons, CEO of VettaFi. “Jane and her EQM colleagues have built a team that is often the first call for anyone looking to build a sophisticated, differentiated index, and their data-driven approach is a perfect fit for our philosophy.”

With the acquisition of EQM Indexes, VettaFi’s family of indexes now powers nearly $19 billion in ETFs and other investment vehicles, including direct indexing solutions, another area where EQM has strong capabilities.