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Recession Imminent
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World economic growth is slowing. That’s so obvious, very few will disagree. I suppose there are people out there predicting imminent 1990s-like expansion, but they are few and far between. If recession begins soon, it will be the most anticipated one in history.

This was a prime question at my Strategic Investment Conference, which began this week and is ongoing. And the answer, sadly, is that even break-even growth will probably be elusive in the next year or two. Some experts I deeply respect think tougher times are coming, and soon. Most of the SIC speakers anticipate a recession, though one well-known economist/analyst thinks the US will avoid it. (More on that later.)

I happen to think we will see boom times again, but not just yet, and maybe not even this decade, though that is a long time to forecast with any degree of confidence. Not only the US but much of the developed world has to face some other issues first.

Today and over the next few weeks I’ll share some highlights from the SIC. Please note, however, you don’t have to wait. You can join us right now and immediately watch video for the sessions you missed, plus get two more days of live expert analysis and our always-explosive closing panel. Just go here to see the agenda and sign up instantly. Transcripts and videos for the first two days are already available, and the transcripts for yesterday (Friday, May 5) will be online shortly.

Recession Imminent

We’ve been doing these conferences long enough (this is our 19th consecutive year) to have formed some traditions. One of the best is having David Rosenberg as the “lead-off hitter.” He hits it out of the park every time with an epic slideshow and specific forecasts that aren’t always pleasant but are usually right.