2022 Annual ESG Survey: The ESG Journey Accelerates

Our annual ESG manager survey of active managers assesses the integration of ESG considerations in investment processes among equity, fixed income and private markets managers, and spotlights firmwide policies, use of data, engagement and integration.

Top survey findings

This year marks our eighth annual ESG manager survey. The survey has evolved over the years, enabling deeper insights into trends and how attitudes toward responsible investing have shifted since it was first launched in 2015.

The survey participants have a broad representation by asset size, region and investment strategy offerings. Of the 236 participants, 184 offer equity strategies, 147 offer fixed income strategies, 77 offer private markets strategies and 66 offer real assets strategies. 58% of the respondents are headquartered in the U.S., 16% are based in the United Kingdom and 9% are based in continental Europe, with the rest located in other regions. 28% of the respondents have assets under management (AUM) of less than $10 billion, while 33% of the participants have over $100 billion in AUM.

In this short summary of the 2022 survey, we take a look at the following key findings:

  • Biggest ESG issue: Climate risk dominates client concerns
  • Top growing ESG product sector: ESG integration
  • Biggest challenge of incorporating ESG for asset managers – Varying client needs
  • Data concerns: ESG data and reporting continue to be a challenge
  • DEI: Roughly half of the asset managers have gender or ethnic-minority representation of <20% of their investment staff