A Little Harder

Habib & Stockton: Mortgages in Recession

Resource Security Panel

Gavekal Times Three

Friedman: Transition Point

Bianco, Boockvar, and Inflation

Vancouver and Old Friends

The Strategic Investment Conference wrapped up this week with another wave of strong, fascinating speakers and panels. I gave you some highlights in last week’s Soft Now, Hard Later letter. Today I have more to share and, as you’ll see, the plot thickened considerably.

After 16 years I’ve learned how this goes. You begin with more questions than answers. As the event unfolds, you have even more questions and even fewer answers. That may sound frustrating, but it’s critical. Finding the right answers starts with asking the right questions. They aren’t always obvious.

Today we’ll review some (not all) of days 2 and 3, the heart of the conference. I’ll have more recaps for you over the coming weeks but you don’t have to wait. You can still buy a Virtual Pass and watch video recordings of the entire conference. We’re also posting transcripts as fast as my team can produce them. All should be up in the next few days. Click here to get your pass.