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Disrupted Retirement: Is the US Facing a Crisis?

On our latest “Talking Markets” podcast, we listen in on a panel of experts discussing the potential US retirement crisis and the fear factors surrounding retirement disruption.

The Size Effect is Not Dead

How a fund defines its universe of small stocks eligible for purchase will make a significant difference in performance.

Weekly Unemployment Claims: Down 18K from Last Week

This morning's seasonally adjusted 214K new claims, up 18K from the previous week's revised figure, was below the forecast of 226K

Is Goldilocks Awake? Time to Consider Exposure to Alternatives.

In the concluding piece of a three-part series focusing on how to potentially get returns in today’s bull market while protecting against the downside, Global CIO Jeff Hussey outlines why we believe alternative investments should be considered in a multi-asset investing strategy.

Robo-Advisors are not Robo-Planners. Yet.

There are large swaths of the financial planning landscape that can – and should – be both automated and integrated in such a way to which robo advisors aspire, but do not yet currently deliver.

The Ratio of Part-Time Employed: June 2018

Let's take a close look at Friday's employment report numbers on Full and Part-Time Employment. Buried near the bottom of Table A-9 of the government's Employment Situation Summary are the numbers for Full- and Part-Time Workers, with 35-or-more hours as the arbitrary divide between the two categories. The source is the monthly Current Population Survey (CPS) of households. The focus is on total hours worked regardless of whether the hours are from a single or multiple jobs.

Three Ways to Give Internationally: Lessons on High-Impact Philanthropy

I was honored to attend the 2017 Philanthropy Innovation Summit at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society. The intensive day-long program gathers thought leaders in Palo Alto to discuss research, best practices, and new strategies that can increase philanthropic impact. I heard inspiring stories about charities around the globe.

Moving Averages: June Month-End Update

Valid until the market close on July 31, 2018.

The S&P 500 closed June with a monthly gain of 0.48% after a gain of 2.16% in May. All three S&P 500 MAs are signaling "invested" and three of five Ivy Portfolio ETFs — Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI), Vanguard REIT Index (VNQ), and PowerShares DB Commodity Index (DBC) — are signaling "invested".

Jeremy Grantham: We Are Not Equipped to Deal with Climate Change

We will completely de-carbonize our economy this century, and it will be the biggest economic event since the Industrial Revolution, according to Jeremy Grantham. But we face a painful path to that end, including more frequent natural disasters and disruption of our food supplies.

The SEC is Failing to Serve Retail Investors

The Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed new rules for advisors and brokers. The rules purport to clear up investor confusion with new disclosures and raise the standard for brokers. Unfortunately, they lack both the clarity and enforcement muscle to be effective.

NewsLetter - June 2018

Harold Evensky's most recent NewsLetter.

Europe Has Train Wrecks, Too

Modern Europe’s (and Canada and Australia and…) vaunted social welfare programs have helped many people, but they haven’t eliminated poverty, nor let everyone retire in comfort. Could they simply have shifted spending forward, leaving future generations with the bill? Today, we’ll explore that question as part of my continuing Train Wreck series.

How to Avoid Taxes with Highly Appreciated Securities

Of the two certainties we face – death and taxes – only taxes can be purposefully delayed or avoided altogether. Here are some ways to do that with highly appreciated securities.

Liquidity: Factor investing's hidden gem

The liquidity factor is a hidden gem waiting to be mined. Target its precious premium.

CEO View: What’s Changed 10 Years After the Global Financial Crisis?

At Franklin Templeton’s recent Global Investor Forum in New York, our CEO Greg Johnson participated in a panel discussion with three other CEOs in the financial services industry: James Gorman of Morgan Stanley; Jay Hooley of State Street and Barry Stowe of Jackson National Life.