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My Firm is Losing Focus on the Financial Aspects of Planning

Over the last several years the advisory industry has trended away from valuing financial expertise in order to put the emphasis on the relational or human side of investing. This makes sense but we have moved too far in the opposite direction.

The Four Barriers to Adding New Clients

Four barriers stand between you and growing your practice. Fortunately, all of them can be overcome. But, for some advisors, it won’t be easy.

Is It Possible to Identify “Bubbles”? Can Investors Profit from This?

How is it possible that stock market bubbles are so obvious after they burst, but are almost never identified in advance – except by what seem, after the fact, to have been a highly perspicacious few? A new study found that there is a way to tell before it bursts that the market, or a segment thereof, is in a bubble. But profiting from an investment strategy designed to exploit bubbles is incredibly difficult.

The Animated Virtuous Cycle A short video illustrating economics in plain English

My previous article, The Death of the Virtuous Cycle, provided readers with a clear understanding of why the United States and many other developed economies have seen productivity, wages, and economic growth stagnate. Due to the significance of its message and my desire to effectively reach as many people as possible, I take a new approach and present the concepts using an animated short video.

Five Steps to Maintaining a Successful Silo Practice

There are more “silo practices” than we realize – those with two or more advisors, each with his or her own book of business. In the eyes of a buyer, there are business risks that chip away at these firms’ values. To mitigate against these risks, there are at least five things these firms can do.

A Proven Way to Budget Clients’ Spending

To better serve and retain retired or soon-to-be retired clients, advisors should use the actuarial budget benchmark, an annual spending plan developed using actuarial and financial economic principles.

Finding Value Globally Across Asset Classes

Jae S. Yoon is the chief investment officer and a portfolio manager at New York Life Investment Management, where he oversees approximately $293 billion in assets. In this interview, he discusses valuations across global asset classes and where he sees the greatest opportunities.

Jack Bogle on the Limits of the Fiduciary Rule and the Future of the Advisory Industry

Speaking two weeks after his 88th birthday, Jack Bogle called the fiduciary rule “silly” and said that financial advisors’ fees are heading lower. Indeed, he said, advisors are destined to charge hourly or retainer fees, like lawyers and accountants.

Jeremy Siegel versus Robert Shiller on Equity Valuations

Should you reduce allocations to U.S. equities given the conventional wisdom that prices are “rich” and “due for a correction”? Jeremy Siegel says no; investors should expect 5% real returns from stocks over the long term. But Robert Shiller thinks that number should be much lower.

The Best Fund Managers – As Voted by their Peers

Today’s indexing mania is driving the marketing people at the best active fund complexes completely crazy, but the top portfolio managers – that is, the people who really, truly enjoy investing – are seeing a lot of new opportunities.

Are You Oblivious to Fee Compression?

You are my friends and clients. I have great respect for the work you do and appreciate the value you add to the lives of your clients. That’s why it’s painful for me to see so many of you headed for trouble by denying the obvious trend in fee compression.

Why the Future is Bright for AUM-Based Advisors

Over the past several months, I have been reading Dan Solin’s thought pieces in Advisor Perspectives[1] and believe his gloomy outlook for the planning profession, and, more specifically, for advisors who are compensated via AUM-based fees, is misguided.

Whether to Counsel Clients on Spending Habits

We are having more conversations with clients about their spending habits. This is a major transition in the advisor-client relationship.

Venerated Voices™ 2017 Q1 Rankings

We have announced our Venerated Voices awards for commentaries published in Q1 2017.

Comparing Different Strategies for Getting into the Market

Is it better to jump in all at once, to average-in over time or to wait for a market correction?