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Want Safer Banks? Then Prepare for Slower Growth

Congress is asking the Federal Reserve and other financial regulators what went wrong at Silicon Valley Bank and why they didn’t see it coming. In due course, they’ll admit some mistakes, draw some lessons and tweak some rules.

Any Bank Can Fail; Don’t Panic

I’ve received more emails and calls from clients on the failure of SVB Bank than I did on the stock market crash in April of 2020. That tells me there is wide concern today about the stability of the economy and financial markets.

What Sets Rockstars Apart

Here is what sets rockstars apart from the average advisor.

DIY Marketing That Works

There are many marketing initiatives you can implement on your own that that will likely work. Here are some suggestions.

How to Reach Ideal Clients Through Engaging Messaging

The goal of marketing is to garner loyalty among existing clients while also attracting new ones to drive growth and profitability for your firm. To implement engaging messaging, follow these tips…

Standing Out in a Crowded Market

Here are the core tenets I share with advisors who are trying to carve their niche and stand out – the best practices to beef up your marketing efforts in 2023.

How to use Social Proof on Your Website

Here are six compliance-friendly ways to incorporate social proof into your website to establish trust and capture new leads.

Is the Harvard Business Review Always Right?

A study, reported in the Harvard Business Review, claimed that likability was not important to the sales process.

Some Observations from This Year’s Survey of the Fintech Landscape

The 2023 T3/Inside Information Software Survey is now available. It’s the best guide to the 300+ fintech solutions in the marketplace, and a good buyer’s guide for advisory firms that are looking for additions or enhancements to their tech stack.

Biden Has to Learn the Same Lesson as SVB

In hindsight, it was obvious it wouldn’t last. Low interest rates — the result of shifts in the global economy, economic stability, low inflation and monetary policy — couldn’t stay at zero forever.

History Says to Buy the Fed Pause. Should You?

A year into its fight against inflation, the Federal Reserve could — just maybe — be done raising its policy rate. History shows that monetary policy pauses mark great buying opportunities for US stocks, but there are several key caveats to bear in mind this time.

The Supreme Court May Quash Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness: Here's What Borrowers Should Do

For millions of borrowers, student loan forgiveness will mean the difference between significant relief and ongoing payments. If you’re among them, the question is… what next?

What Happens in the Banking Sector Won’t Stay There

The sudden loss of confidence by depositors in some US banks is causing many to focus on the scope for financial contagion and the needed policy responses. What should not be overlooked is the other, and slower, contagion channel in play — that involving enablers of economic growth...

How AI Will Make Land More Valuable

With all that extra intelligence, there will be a need and a desire to undertake many new projects, ranging from innovative theatrical productions to more efficient and densely packed solar panels. These new projects could also herald a world of much cheaper and greener energy, which would further increase humankind’s ability to manipulate the natural environment. Land will thus become more valuable.

What Most Advisors are Missing About SECURE 2.0 Act

The changes inside SECURE 2.0 range from new rules related to 529 college savings plans to when retirees should take their required minimum distributions (RMDs). With so much to sort through, advisors may be overlooking some of the details of the act.