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How to Double Your Seminar Appointments

Do you use seminars to get new prospects? Are you booking less than 85% of attendees into appointments? If so, then please read on.

When It’s Best to do Nothing

We hired an HR person who turned out to be an irascible gossip. Team members are coming to me to complain. What should I do?

A Disruptive Approach to Your Website

Your website should show what’s unique and special about you. Here’s how to do that.

Five Ways to Drive Leads While Driving Your Car

The car you drive isn’t just a status symbol. In the age of digital communication, Bluetooth and wired vehicles, advisors can use their cars to drive leads by converting boring downtime during a commute into active prospecting.

The Six Worst Networking Breakdowns

A couple of weeks ago I was called for jury duty. I learned a valuable lesson about the jury-selection process that explains why advisors often fail at networking events.

Investing in Small-Cap-Growth Companies with a Long-Term View

John Barr manages the Needham Aggressive Growth Fund (NEAGX), which had an annualized return of 10.51% over the prior 15 years, versus 9.42% for the S&P 500, for an outperformance of 109 basis points. In this interview, he discusses the outlook for his fund.

The Case for Leveraged U.S. Treasury Bonds

For three important reasons, leveraged U.S. Treasury bonds make sense as an ordinary investment.

Regulation Best Interest – A Junk Food Diet

Gary Cohn, former economic advisor to President Trump, told the WSJ that the DOL Rule was bad rule. Translated to language of our time, with respect to the SEC’s proposed regulation best interest (RBI), ”It’s okay to pig out on junk-food investments.”

Overconfidence: The Dark Side of Risk Tolerance

Of all the variables we routinely measure in our behavioral assessments, our research shows that one most accurately predicts risk-taking – overconfidence. It’s time that advisors systematically identify their overconfident clients and develop skills to overcome the bias it breeds.

Grow a beard, grow your practice

Having a beard is a great way to set yourself apart and grow your business.

Our Misguided Trust in Quantitative Measurement

The belief that detailed quantitative measurement will make performance easier to evaluate, manage efficiently, and improve has survived repeated failures of the doctrine. In fact, the failures serve only to bring forth calls for more of the treatment. Only very rarely is it admitted that quantification doesn’t work and should be scrapped.

A Bit About Bob

Our CEO is Robert Huebscher, but we know and love him as “Bob.” We would like you to get to know him, so this section is dedicated to updates and facts about Bob! Did you know that tomorrow is Bob's birthday?

Is it Okay to Cry in Front of Clients?

It’s one of those things you’re told never to do. But here’s an example when crying in front of a client led to a breakthrough I never would have made dry-eyed.

The Problem with Focusing on Expense Ratios

Most investors believe that all passively managed funds in the same asset class are virtual substitutes for one another. The result is that, when choosing a specific fund, their sole focus is on its expense ratio. That is a mistake for a wide variety of reasons. The first is that expense ratios are not a mutual fund’s only expense.

How to Meet Prospects in an Elevator

For advisors who work with people in transition, there is no more transitory place than an elevator. Here’s how I nabbed a prospect while scaling 20 floors – and some steps you can follow to meet prospects in an elevator.