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Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

When was the last time that you practiced a client meeting? Full blown dress rehearsal: You’re in a suit, sitting down in your conference room, going through the handouts, anticipating the questions, knowing how you are going to respond.

I Think My Firm is Cooking Its Books

I’m finding some questionable accounting as I am going through the financials from the last few years.

Why Clients Put Off Planning

Persuading prospects to engage in financial planning is a struggle. Even when this obstacle is overcome, convincing them to implement the plan can be equally daunting.

When Results Don’t Matter

Let’s talk about results-oriented thinking.

Achieve Work-Life Balance This Summer

Summer is a time for vacation, relaxation and spending time with family and friends. It can also be a time when female financial advisors struggle to achieve work-life balance. Juggling work and personal responsibilities is challenging, but it’s possible.

Get Ready to be Squeezed by Your Broker/Dealer

If you have your own independent firm (i.e., RIA), you are not immune to the macro effects of the downturn either. You will be squeezed as well.

Consumer Debt Isn’t Stressing Banks — Yet

Everyone is stressing about consumer debt. Investors have been dropping the shares of big banks, credit-card specialists and younger fintechs because of fears about the pain that rising living costs and interest rates will inflict on borrowers.

Startup Zapper Plans to Raise Funds at $1 Billion Value

Zapper is considering options to raise capital, including a stake sale, that could value the South African startup at nearly $1 billion, according to people familiar with the matter.

Believe It or Not, the Market Has Three Silver Linings

This is an environment in which it is hard to argue for silver linings, especially when so many analysts are warning that additional losses may be ahead in both public and private markets. Yet three are already evident.

Private Equity’s Goldilocks Era Is Coming to an End

With the US bear market entering its seventh month, it’s not too soon to think about what other risks might be lurking. Private equity is at the top of the list.

Traders Looking to Get Ahead of Fed Again Now Foresee Rate Cuts

Signs of a rapidly deteriorating US economic outlook have spurred bond traders to pencil in a complete policy turnaround by the Federal Reserve in the coming year, with interest-rate cuts in the middle of 2023.

Survival Tips for Retiring When Stocks Sink and Inflation Is High

For anyone who’s retired or nearing retirement, sinking stocks, rising inflation and the prospect of a recession can be a nightmare economic brew.

The Dark Side to Cryptocurrency

Given the speculative gamble of cryptocurrency, there is no evidence-based reason that long-term investors would include it in their portfolios. What personality types sign on for such a violently volatile investment experience?

How to Make Client Events a Prospecting Machine

It never occurs to advisors that client events should be marketing machines. To build your business with 25 referrals per month and increased sales, read on.

A Bit About Bob

Bob was in Philadelphia this weekend to attend the wedding of Anna Vresilovic.