How to Create an Inclusive Team Building Experience

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Dear Bev,

We are planning some teambuilding activities this summer for our firm of 15. It’s been an interesting challenge because in the past we’ve always done a cookout in a nice park area near our office. This year we have four new team members, all of whom happen to be vegan. While we could do cookout items to accommodate their diets, we’d prefer to do something that feels inclusive to everyone.

The partners who own our firm are wonderful men but they don’t particularly like spending money so I can’t propose anything that would a lot more expensive than our traditional cookout approach. What ideas do you see that are interesting, collaborative and engaging that we could offer up as replacements this year?

I’m charged with bringing three ideas back to the decision-making committee and that group of five will decide on the final one. I should add: we are located in the Midwest and summers are very nice here, but we also have many rainy days. While we’ve always taken the chance on the outdoors (and had success with it for 12 years running), I’m open to non-outdoors ideas too.