Six Key Players to Draft to Your RIA/Wealth Management Practice

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In October 1989, the Dallas Cowboys were poised to trade their franchise player in exchange for a dynasty. The world was convinced that Jimmy Johnson must’ve lost his mind amidst the worst season in “America’s Team’s” history. In a move belittled by the media and scoffed at by franchise loyalists, Johnson had just agreed to swap his only Pro Bowl player, Herschel Walker, to the Minnesota Vikings for a package of 18 players and draft picks.

You see, Johnson knew something that great CPAs and wealth managers are beginning to realize: True success requires true vision, backed by a team of specialists in your corner. The result? The Vikings were eliminated quickly and quietly in the 1989 playoffs while the Cowboys won three Super Bowls.

Your clients deserve access to key players to take the field in dealing with each aspect of their financial lives, and so do you. Here are some special teams you might consider to strengthen your roster: