The Top 10 Marketing Questions for 2024

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In the age of ChatGPT and Microsoft Co-Pilot, an answer to any marketing question is a few keystrokes away.

But is it the right answer? How can you be assured you won’t be led astray?

If 20% of marketing activities create 80% of the results, how can you be sure you don’t waste time and money on ideas that don’t work?

I also invited fellow practice management professionals and Advisor Perspectives contributors to share their thoughts on the key marketing challenges advisors face.

Here are the top 10 questions (and answers) about advisor marketing for 2024.

  1. In today’s competitive climate, how should independent advisors articulate their value to prospects?

Advisors need to immediately cut through the clutter and differentiate their practice from their peers, financial firms, and alternatives like robo-advisors and financial planning apps.

As John Anderson, head of advisor growth and engagement at Diversified, LLC said, “First, there is a growing trend of newer ‘advice engagement’ technology – using technology to create and reinforce advice over product can help articulate to clients and prospects what your true value is.

“Second, leaning into why you are different rather than the same.

“No clients search the internet for a generic financial plan; they want help with specific issues and areas of concern.

“By articulating via social media, branding and your website that you are an expert in specific areas, the value is understood.”